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Books by the 'Boys'

A Suitcase Full of Dreams by David Taylor (18th Entry) The story of a Yorkshire lad, a boy entrant into the RAF, and his travels to over a hundred countries

Seletar: Crowning Glory by David Taylor (18th Entry) The History of the RAF in Singapore

Wheels Up! by Bob Price (43rd Entry) Misadventures of a Boy Entrant - All royalties donated to the 43rd's chosen charity. (Hereford Hospital's Childrens Ward)

"Cats Cradle" by Tony Fairbridge (24th Entry) A collection of poetry

Brigands to "V" Bombers by Lynne J Braithwaite (formerly Lawrence J Braithwaite - 8th Entry) Covers the period from birth, to the end of her RAF career in 1989. A total of thirty nine and a half years. She enlisted as a "Boy Entrant" [Airframe mechanic] in September 1949 and retired as a Flight Sergeant [Aircraft Fitter Airframe] on the 1st July 1989.

Winter of Spies by David Newham (32nd Entry) A wide-ranging and action-wartime novel reveals the vulnerability of ordinary men and women drawn reluctantly into painful and ultimately sobering heroism. (Read reviews)

Your Numbers Not Dry by Eric Hayes (8th Entry) Memoir of a lifetime spent in the Royal Air Force.

BOY ENTRANT by Brian Carlin (29th Entry) The Recollections of a Royal Air Force "Brat"

Boy Entrant – The Recollections of a Royal Air Force Brat [Second edition] by Brian Carlin (29th Entry) An eBook for Kindle users.

BOYS IN BLUE by Brian Clarke (28th Entry)

"Trauma in the family" by William Roberts (32nd/33rd/34th)

The Plane Truth by Keith Goodrum (26th Air Elec)

Real Planes People and Places by Keith Goodrum (26th Air Elec)

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